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Can Not Produce An Idea Writer's Block
In this article I will be talking of the most common writer's block. How I, myself, overcome this type of writer’s block. The most deadliest of them all. The you “can not produce an idea writer's block”. This is every writer's fear. That they desperately need to write yet they hold no thought of direction.

If they are writing a poem they have no idea should they write a story . A love poem, sorrowful, joyous or love. Darn writer’s block.

When someone is writing an article they don’t know what subjects to start on. Should they write on fashion, politics, relationships or health.

If someone is writing a final. They may not be sure which chapter to focus on.

Let's start by agreeing that in order to get a great idea, you need a couple of dumb ones first. You will have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get your prince charming. The same goes for writing. Nothing genius is going to develop in the beginning. The more you brainstorm the better your vision will become.

I have noticed when brainstorming it is best to actually write them out on paper Instead of typing or texting your ideas. When you type or text your ideas, they can easily be erased and forgotten. Versus when you write them in ink, as you brainstorm you can always look over them again if you hit a wall.

For example I had no sense of which direction I should venture in today. I wrote a couple down on paper, in my handy dandy notebook. Now in the future I can always go to the other remaining ideas if I have to. The most humorous part of writer’s block is, as long as you have a list, you'll never use it. They will naturally flow. Now that I've focused on how important brainstorming is, I have another million articles on my mind. Am I going to write them all down? No. Should I? Yes.

If only my hands could type as fast as my brain. Another fun free tool we all have on our phone, is voice record. I know some people are laughing their fannies off. Voice record? Are you serious? Yes, I most definitely am. What is fantastic about voice record is that you are free to perform other tasks while you brainstorm. If you are suffering from writer's block. Try to voice record while brainstorming. Place your phone in your shirt pocket or in your bra. You can wash dishes, paint your nails, clean, walk, paint just do whatever your heart desires.

Trust me once you relax, your brainstorming will become more effective. Hey whoever said you have to brainstorm alone? No one. That is the greatest part of being a writer. You are the most creative person of them all. How about calling a friend or family member. People who can or can’t write. You will be in shock on some of the breathtaking ideas your idiot cousin can think of. Or the stirring drama filled stories your mom can stir up. It will only help you to bounce ideas off of other people. Don't knock it until you try it. If all else fails simply search Quora or Yahoo Answers. Someone will answer your question extremely fast, happily.

Writers block is never fun. Yet brainstorming can be fun and the funniest endeavor ever in life. You can start off over dramatized, it just might be what you need. If you are thinking of writing a story, think of the most outrageous story ever. As an artist you never wish to be mediocre. If you are writing a poem try to write something crazy, like someone professing their love while bungee jumping. Brainstorming can be as crazy as you wish. It is a fun exercise to help loosen you up. Don't take it so serious. In my heart I truly believe writer's block comes from overthinking. Stop trying to think of the best darn scheme. The perfect story might not come for years, so you better get to writing now. You need to write now in order to reach the best story you will ever write, right?

Well good luck with overcoming your writer's block! Remember to brainstorm wherever you are. Have the most hysterical thoughts and enjoy bouncing ideas off your grandmother. She is bored out of her mind I am sure she'd love it. Or your weird neighbor who is always holding extra long conversations. Happy writings!
Overcoming Writers Block
Writers block is every writer's worst nightmare. Whether you are writing an article, poem, short story, autobiography etc.. No one wants writer's block ever in their life.

What is writer's block?

Simple Definition of writer's block
: the problem of not being able to think of something to write about or not being able to finish writing a story, poem, etc. via 

Are there any proven ways to avoid writer's block? No, yet there are plenty of things you can do to deal with the issue on hand. Whenever you are writing make sure the subject is something you can never get tired of writing about. If you choose to write about shakespeare yet you hate poetry of any sort, not a bright idea. In school a lot of times we can’t choose the subject. Yet when you can pick a subject, run with one you are in love with.

When I write poetry, I can never write good love poems. I know this might sound absolutely silly. It is just not my niche. I am more of a die heart inspirational poet. Instead of trying to make people fall head over heels for each other I inspire. I inspire them or atleast try to inspire them. When I say I never get tired of inspiring people, I mean absolutely never. I feel it is my purpose in life to always inspire people. Even when I’m having a horrible day, I can still lift someone else up. I truly believe we need more of this in life. People rarely care about other people's feeling. So therefore I never get writer's block, when focusing on inspiring people. Look closely and find what you are passionate about in life. Then go write about it.

Then when you find out what you are passionate about, find things that link to it. Example I am passionate about inspiring people. I’ve written inspirational poems for different people, different storylines and different feelings. Yet the key is it always links back to your niche.
noun \ˈnich also ˈnēsh or ˈnish\
Simple Definition of niche
: a job, activity, etc., that is very suitable for someone
: the situation in which a business's products or services can succeed by being sold to a particular kind or group of people
: an environment that has all the things that a particular plant or animal needs in order to live
Via http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/niche