Hello ,welcome to our wonderful pink palace. Pink Pens Studio is the place where anything goes. I believe we all have the ability to brighten up another woman's day. When you meet someone or talk to someone you are writing part of their life story. You can choose to be lame and put another beautiful intelligent lady down. Or you can take the high rhode and be a "Pink Pen". It is Pink Pens for a reason . Usually when people buy pens they come in a pack. That's how close I hope women can be one day. No matter what ethnicity or language you speak. 

It is also because the women who are dealing with breast cancer go through so much. We as women should unite more often not only when there is a cancer walk , but every single day. When it's a good day , not only when your world feels like a tornado just hit.

 Pink Pens Studio wants anyone who is fighting anything that is life changing, to not give in. If you ever feel alone or depressed contact us , we care. Pink Pens stands with you. We honor you for your courage and ability to go on in life. This world can be so cruel at times. I never knew what cancer was until I became a bit older. Here at Pink Pens Studio we will be informing women more in depth over time. On fun topics such as relationships, sex, poetry and exercise. Yet also serious subjects which we seem to run away from. Such as heart ache, health problems, miscarriages, depression, anxiety and low self esteem. What are the causes, treatments , aftermath and so much more. Stay tuned our official launch date for daily content is November 1st, 2016, You can subscribe to our news letter on our main page. 

I've always wanted to start my own girls club , well now a women's club since I'm 25, with a two month old baby. Pink is fun , fresh and funky. There are different shades to  pink , just as there are different types of women. You have your business woman, artsy woman, sexy woman , and so many more types. Tall, short, brown, light, short hair, long hair and different options. Yet at the end of the day we are all faced with a lot of the same issues in today's society. I want this website to be a judgement freezone. I know if me and my team continue to work hard by marketing our brand Pink Pens Studio, we will one day grow into something bigger than I could imagine. Together we can make this dream come true. 

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Women in general are  unappreciated and taken for granted in so many ways. Pink Pens Studio is empower women.
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